We are looking for you!

We are looking for employees with personality. People who are like us: Passionate and committed, reliable and friendly.

When you want a machine to run smoothly, you make sure the wheels are turning, attuned to one another. The same goes for the future of virtual reality. Meet yondr, an agency based in Antwerp (Belgium).  We’re VR believers who focus on quality and internationalization. That’s why we’re looking for someone who’ll be expanding the yondr network in the United States. This morning when you woke up, was it still there? That feeling somewhere around the globe an opportunity is waiting for you? Your time has come for something bigger since we’re looking for a business developer to expand our network in the United States.


We need you to...

stand out of the pack.
explore the VR world.
develop the yondr brand.
…spread your passion .
grow the business.
build relationships.
…meet deadlines.
…take initiative.
focus on the client.
raise the bar.

I'm interested


…hold at least a Bachelor’s degree.
…have three years of experience in a related sector.
…develop a US sales plan to effect the allocated turnover.
…define a commercial strategy.
…have a strategic approach.
monitor the US market and client developments.
…create and revise lead generation plans.
…look for new clients and possibilities.
…ensure a substantive sales opportunity pipeline.
…close direct sales for services and high-value solutions.
follow up on clients and their projects.
…have a best friend named ‘CRM system’.


…give you a challenging job opportunity.
…introduce you to the virtual future.
provide you with all the tools you need.
…encourage you to develop and grow.
…offer a salary based on your experience and commitment.
…back you up with a great team of colleagues.

I'm interested